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Modern Bathroom Accessories

Modern Bathroom Accessories to Bring Your Home into the Future

It’s the twenty-first century, and most bathrooms are stuck in the Middle Ages. Sure, we’ve got indoor plumbing and running hot water. But this is the age of smartphones and the internet. Shouldn’t your bathroom be just as futuristic as the rest of the world we live in?

The Best Modern Bathroom Accessories for Your Home

At Akins Plumbing, we’ve seen a lot of bathrooms in our work as a domestic plumber. Sometimes we see some really advanced bathroom technology. Today we’re going to write about some of the most convenient modern bathroom accessories to make your bathroom high-tech and ready for the future.

Washlet Toilet Seat

This is the bathroom tech that you didn’t know you needed. You can use a washlet toilet seat to wash your underside after every use. It does this with a retractable wand that shoots up a jet of warm water. Yes, we’re talking about washing your bum. There’s no other way to put it. But a washlet toilet seat brings about a level of cleanliness and freshness that makes these futuristic toilets hard to beat.

Smart Taps

A smart tap can take many different forms. Some smart taps have a sensor that will turn on the water when you put your hands under them and turn off the water when your hands are removed. Other smart taps are voice activated or have a digital readout that will show you how much water you’ve used. There are many different types of smart taps and we’re sure there’s one that right for you.

Digital Bathroom Mirror

A digital electric bathroom mirror is the ultimate in bathroom time saving tech. It’s a smart mirror that is connected to the internet, and they can sometimes be voice activated. It will tell you the time, the weather, your schedule, and other information to help you prepare for the day. They often have a heating element inside to prevent the glass from fogging up so you can use the mirror just after you shower. Who knew a mirror could be so high-tech?

Smart Scale

It seems like everything in the home is becoming smarter and smarter. A smart scale is no exception. This is a body weight scale that is connected to your smartphone to track your weight and your overall health. It allows you to quickly and easily track changes to your weigh and other body measurements. It’s a good way to stay on track if your goal is to lose a few kilos and be healthy.

Water Saving Showerhead

You don’t have one of these already? You should. This kind of bathroom accessory will improve the quality of your showers at the same time that it saves you money. This is because modern water saving showerheads are designed to provide the maximum output while using as little water as possible. Most of our customers are surprised that a water saving showerhead uses so much less water than conventional showerheads.

Water Recycler

The water that goes down the shower drain isn’t usually very dirty, and the water that you use to flush your toilet doesn’t need to be drinking water. This is the idea behind a water recycler. It saves the water from your showers and uses it to flush the toilet. It’s a great way to responsibly conserve water and save money on your water bill.

Make Sure Your Bathroom Tech is Installed the Right Way

These are the modern bathroom accessories that we think every home should have. If you need help with installation of any of this new bathroom tech to bring your futuristic toilets to life, get in touch with Akins Plumbing. We’re the residential plumber Brisbane residents call on for all their plumbing installation needs. You can call us on (07) 3891 7480, get in touch online. You can also e-mail for a quote and service requests or any other general enquiries.

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