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Different Types of Hot Water Systems

A failing hot water unit is the difference between a relaxing shower and a terrible one. It’s something you want working throughout the winter months. Besides the dreadful cold shower, a faulty hot water system can also mean high repair bills.

At Akins Plumbing, we’re determined to highlight the different types of hot water systems so you can feel confident when choosing one for your home.

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Different types of hot water systems

Hot water systems come in a variety of different types, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look now.

Tank-style system

The most common type of hot water system you’ll find in the average home or business is the tank-style system. This system stores hot water in a tank and uses a heating element to keep the water at a predetermined temperature. This hot water system sets it apart from the others as it is very reliable. On the flip side, it can be expensive to operate, especially if the tank is large.

Instantaneous or on-demand system

Like the tank-style hot water system, the instantaneous hot water system can be found in many residential homes. Its popularity is due to the efficiency of the system as it heats water as it is needed rather than heating a full tank of water. One of the disadvantages of this system is that it can be expensive to install. This system doesn’t store hot water, so there isn’t any loss in energy or savings, unlike a tank when it cools down.

Solar-powered system

For those interested in reusable energy and increasing sustainability in the home, consider a solar-powered system. This hot water system uses solar panels to capture energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. The advantage of this type of system is that it is environmentally friendly and can drastically reduce the electricity bills of the household. Installation, however, can come at a high cost, although many homeowners see a return over a short time with their decreased electricity bills.

Gas hot water installation

If you’re thinking about the many different types of water heaters available, let’s not forget gas heaters. This type of hot water system uses a gas burner to heat the water, located underneath the storage tank. The water in this tank is preheated and maintained at a predetermined temperature so it is ready to use when needed. This system of heating water will save you money as it heats the water in the tank at once, rather than continuously, like the instantaneous hot water system.

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