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Reliable local plumbing services you can trust can be hard to find.  If you require a professional plumber Brisbane with decades of experience then give Akins Plumbing a go. Family owned and operated.  You will be pleased when you hire our local plumbing services.

We don’t often give much thought to having a reliable plumber on hand until we really need one. Make Akins your first point of call.   Our employees are qualified and licensed to do the job to code and in a timely professional manner.   Akins Plumbing have been servicing homes and offices throughout Brisbane since 1976.  We have a huge wealth of knowledge to draw on for a wide variety of services.  Click on the service below that you require and we hope to speak soon.

Eco-Friendly Is Our Mission

Contributing to the health of the environment we live in has become a part of our everyday lives. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits not only to our own health but also on our back pockets. Nowdays there is an abundance of materials and advice out there to help us make the smart choice and do our part.

Natural and recycled materials can transform your water usage as well as electricity. Our toilets in Australia consume up to a quarter of all water used in our homes every day. Little changes in our plumbing practices can equal some fairly substancial savings annually. Composting toilets are one of the very interesting innovations in eco friendly plumbing, be sure to check them out.

If you have any further questions about your plumbing requirements, be sure to contact on our friendly staff at Akins Plumbing on (07) 3891 7480.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be due to  a number of reasons.

  • The age of the homes plumbing systems, ie old galvanised pipes
  • The age and quality of internal fixtures
  • Your suburbs local water pressure
  • Faulty pressure valves

With our experienced Brisbane Plumbers,   our team will assess and easily determine the cause of unusual water pressure.

Water pressure varies naturally throughout the greater Brisbane area, but sometimes can drastically vary.  If your home is located at the end of the line, water pressure can be seriously affected.  Then there is the issue of how far away you are located from your local water supply.  This change in pressure can be even more noticeable during peak periods.

Other most likely causes of poor water pressure and supply problems include:

  • Work being performed in your local area on your water supply – planned and unplanned maintenance
  • Burst mains water supply


Check the stop tap outside of your home, if available.   It may have been moved by a tradesperson or council worker.

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