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Akins Plumbing company service the greater area of Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich.  We can arrange for special requests outside of these areas.  Call (07) 3891 7480 to speak with someone for arrangements.

Akins Plumbing are fully licensed under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

The licensee GEAK Pty Ltd holds the licence classes and grades for Gas Fitting (Trade Contractor Licence) and Plumbing and Drainage (Trade Contractor Licence) These can be requested by you to verify this information.

Each Plumber employed by Akins Plumbing holds a Plumbing Occupational Licence under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.  Gavin Akins is our Licence Gas Fitter under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. These can be requested by you to verify this information.

Yes, Akins Plumbing are fully insured for services provided and can supply a certificate of insurance if requested.

Yes, this is available for remote quoting without a site visit.   Please call Kathy on 07 3891 7480 to discuss your upcoming project.

Photos of your request will need to be emailed to admin@akinsplumbing.com.au for assessment.   *Fees may apply for onsite consultation.

A smelly drain usually indicates that it has a build up of greases and or is blocked.

Drain blockages are mostly caused by tree roots.  Other things may include unsuitable objects for flushing such as baby wipes, cotton balls/tips, female hygiene products and in extreme cases kids toys.

In some cases, using a plunger can dislodge minor blockages from toilets or sinks. However, ongoing problems usually mean a more serious problem. A plumber is your best friend at this stage and using their expertise and equipment will mean a job can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Akins Plumbing company allows 1 hour in our blocked drain service fee for sewer blockages which includes a CCTV camera inspection and Jet Rodder clean.

After your sewer drain clean, Akins Plumbing company Brisbane will provide a written report, video and or still images outlining any repairs that may need to take place to rectify any breakages or faults in the pipeline.

Chemical drain cleaners are toxic. If not used correctly such things such as drain crystals can solidify, making a blocked drain even worse not to mention being bad for the environment.

It can be hard to determine the exact cost of all work completed without knowing how long a job will take. We offer fair and competitive rates with our minimum charge for general domestic work starting at $165 for the first 30 minutes of labour.  Please follow our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/AkinsPlumbingBrisbane to keep up with any specials we may have.

When a site visit is required, a consultation service fee may apply. Fees start at $77.00. Please call 3891 7480 to speak with Kathy.

Level 1 – $77.00* Small Project 

Level 2 – $99.00* Medium Project

Level 3 – $165.00 Large Project 

*These charges will be deducted from the cost of your job should you choose Akins Plumbing as your preferred plumber.may 

A tap service is required to keep your taps in top working order. This maintenance work includes cleaning, replacing the O’ring seals and washers plus using lubricant for seamless operation. Other reasons include ongoing high water pressure and aged and faulty fixtures.

The most common reason for a toilet to constantly run is the valve seat no longer forms a tight seal. Other problems could be a faulty water inlet valve, water outlet valve, cracked cisterns or perished rubbers.

Excessive water pressure (above 500kpa) will lead to early ageing of plumbing fixtures.  The water passing through the fixtures creates grooves in the tap combination which will allow water to leak though when the taps are closed.

Our plumbers can conducted a static water pressure test from the water meter to you home. Under the Australian Plumbing Standard AS.3500.1 Clause 3.3.4

Provision shall be made to ensure that the maximum operating pressure at any outlet, other than a fire service outlet, within a building does not exceed 500kpa.

Akins Plumbing company can supply and install a 500 kpa pressure reduction valve to your water supply in a convenient location for your property.  We offers free quotes for this service.

Firstly,  locate your water meter box.  Usually found on the council footpath to a residential home.  Carefully remove the lid for inspection making sure there are no nasty surprises like snakes or spiders.  Turn off the valve inside the box and call Akins Plumbing company for repairs.

This can depend on the age of your hot water system.  Old systems don’t have the same efficiency as new style hot water units.  Other reasons could be due to an insufficient storage unit.  A storage hot water unit will run out of hot water once its tank supply is empty.

  • Size of the unit
  • Electric, gas, solar
  • Running Cost
  • Location of unit
  • Property size
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Use the half flush option on your toilet.
  • Replace your old full flush toilet with a 4-star WELS Scheme dual flush toilet.
  • Install a rain water tank hooked up to toilets and or washing machine.
  • Limit yourself to 4 minute showers.
  • For more water saving tips, visit https://www.qld.gov.au/environment/water/residence/use

Excess water usage could be due to a number of reasons.  Including burst  underground water pipes, in wall leaks, leaking taps or toilets or leaking hot water systems.  Our plumbers are trained to conduct a property test to rule out all of the above to get to the source of the problem.

Immediately turn off your gas supply. Either located at your gas meter or gas bottles.  Call Akins Plumbing to get a gas technician to you as soon as possible.  Ventilate your home if you suspect an internal gas leak.  After the technician has conducted a gas safety inspection a gas certificate will be issued for the work completed.

Overflowing downpipes could be due to gutters that need to be cleaned, blocked downpipes or insufficient stormwater drains to a property.  Akins Plumbing have plumbers that are well experienced to provide these services and for expert information relating to a stormwater management plan

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