Hot Water Systems

A reliable hot water system is essential for the comfort of you and your family.  Akins Plumbing provide Brisbane hot water system installations and maintenance. Our services cater for domestic, commercial and industrial clients. If you’re looking for the right hot water system in Brisbane, we’ve have you covered!

The team are skilled and experienced.  Akins Plumbing will be happy to provide free advice to help you choose a system for long-term, cost-effective solutions.

Offering affordable hot water installation and maintenance for the following system types:

  • Electric storage units
  • Gas instantaneuos continuous flow units
  • Gas Storage units
  • Heat Pumps
  • Solar

There are many options to choose from.  This not only includes the system type, but also the size and the brand.

Akins Plumbing is fully insured, registered and licensed. We guarantee our workmanship, giving you total peace of mind.  Your property will be treated with care as we clean up after the job is complete.  Flexible payment options are available through shop humm.  Pay an agreed deposit amount. Pay off your new hot water system through direct debit payments once every fortnight.  No interest ever!

For the very best hot water system installation across Brisbane, contact our friendly team today on (07) 3891 7480. We offer free no obligation quotes!

Electric Hot Water

Generally cheaper to purchase & install
Can be installed without access to gas lines
Can be installed indoors or outdoors
Generally  more expensive to run long-term
No access to hot water during a power outage
Heats up slower than gas

Gas Hot Water System

Less expensive to run in the long-term
Well insulated, meaning it requires less energy to maintain water temperature
Gas heats water quicker than electric systems
Generally more expensive to purchase & install than electric systems
They require more space

Solar Hot Water System

Renewable & non-polluting – No fuels required!
Generally have the lowest running costs & long-term payments
Ideal for locations that have a consistent exposure to sunlight (like Brisbane)
Higher upfront costs & installation prices
Dependent on home location & orientation
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