Gas Hot Water Systems

Akins Plumbing install new gas hot water systems for domestic and commercial properties.

There are many brands, styles and sizes to choose from. We can help you do that.

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Storage gas hot water systems use a gas burner located underneath the storage tank to heat the water. Water is preheated and maintained at a designated temperature in the tank, so it is ready when needed.

They usually have a continuously burning pilot flame that ignites the main burner when it is needed. Heat is then transferred from the gas burner through the bottom of the cylinder.

Instantaneous Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Units

Continuous flow gas hot water systems are a tankless gas hot water system that provides hot water on demand whenever you turn on the tap. Therefore, helping you save energy, too. Instantaneous (instant) gas hot water systems are also available in LPG and natural gas models.

  • You get hot water on demand.
  • Instantaneous gas hot water units are tankless, wall mounted and compact.
  • Save money using continuous flow gas water heaters. They only heat the water you need.

Gas Hot Water Brisbane DIY?

It’s important to act on issues with your hot water system early. If your hot water system is leaking water, it’s time to call a plumber. This could be a minor repair like a valve replacement that could avoid a bigger problem later on. Giving a longer life to your heater. Maintenance is all about making your plumbing systems work longer for you.

Whether your hot water system is gas or electrical, Akins Plumbing Brisbane specialists can help you. We have plumbers trained and practiced in a variety of plumbing problems. We are all accredited to work with gas systems. Akins have you covered in all situations.

Can I “DIY” My Hot Water System?

Unfortunately your hot-water tank isn’t a thing that you simply will fix on your own. Whether or not it’s gas or electrical, you need to call out professionals. Plumbers who have the expertise and tools. Only skilled plumbers can get your hot water properly flowing once more. The hot water system can be a dangerous item of equipment in your home. You must hold a plumbing license.


Generally cheaper to purchase and install can be installed without access to gas lines. Can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


Renewable and non-polluting, absolutely no fuels required! Generally have the lowest running costs & long-term payments Ideal for locations that have a consistent exposure to sunlight.


Less expensive to run in the long-term. Well insulated, meaning it requires less energy to maintain water temperature. 
Gas heats water quicker than electric systems.

Heat Pumps

Heat pump water heaters use over 60 per cent less electricity. They can be easily installed to replace most traditional electric water heaters. No need for a gas connection or solar panels on your roof.

Gas Hot Water Brisbane

Repairs | Replacements | Upgrades

We carry out maintenance and repairs on most models and makes of gas hot water systems. Akins Plumbing also has full replacement service. This can be carried out in the case that your hot water system is beyond a repairable state. In some cases, the replacement option can save you money in the long term with the manufacturers guarantees considered.

Hot water systems are constantly being upgraded and improved. The gas hot water systems of today are more efficient, effective and even smaller. Akins Plumbing are experts in this field. With have over 40 years experience installing gas hot water systems throughout Brisbane. We have a fair idea of what you need.

Our mission is to offer the best value and service your money can buy.

We are interested in the long term results for you and your family and or business. The environment and offering energy efficient plumbing services are a big focus of ours. So whether you require a new installation, full replacement, upgrade or repair, Akins Plumbing are the right choice.

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