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Emergency Service

In times of emergency, our gas plumber Brisbane team will be at your door in no time. In the case of a gas leak, you know who to call!

Fully Qualified

Our team is fully licensed, registered and insured. We are also a member of the Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland.

Gas Specialists

Make Akins Plumbing your one-stop for all of your gas plumbing services. Whether it’s installation or maintenance, we can assist.

Safety Is Paramount

In Australia, the plumbing industry is one of the most important, and as it’s in the public eye, safety is imperative. The codes for various types of plumbing and gas companies are almost universal and work to protect everyone from various hazards like water damage, electrical, gas, leaks, etc. Any of these hazards occurring can be catastrophic and, if not dealt with immediately by a qualified gas plumber, could inflict a large amount of property and even personal damage depending on the circumstances. By engaging a Brisbane gas fitter from Akins, you can feel confident that our gas plumber Brisbane team will take care of your gas needs with total precaution.

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The Benefits of a New Plumbing System

There are a number of reasons that make up why we choose to install a new hot water system into the homes we look after. One common reason being the cost savings of having a new hot water system, instead of our customers having to go out and replace the existing system themselves. When a Brisbane gas plumber installs a new system, there is an array of different things to take into consideration. One of the majors being that a new hot water system is a decent investment. The last thing you want to do is cut corners.

Looking for a gas plumber Brisbane trusts to take care of your gas water repairs, or needing a new water system installed? Contact a Brisbane gas fitter from Akins Plumbing today on 07 3891 7480.

Gas Leaks

Another thing to consider would be the worry of a gas leak. If a gas leak ever occurs, how far should you evacuate from your home? This is a question that a lot of people ask when dealing with gas leaking into their homes. Many people aren’t aware of the effects that gas has on the human body; it causes things such as nausea, headaches, increases heart rate and so much more. This is why it’s best to contact a professional gas leak plumber in the case of a leak, or even if you have any questions to prepare yourself for the unknown.  

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Gas Hot Water Repairs

If you’re looking for gas plumbing services that include gas hot water repairs, you’re in the right place. As well as specialising in the installation of hot water systems, your local Brisbane gas plumber can also undertake your hot water system repairs as well. If you’d prefer to stick with the one company when it comes to all of your gas plumbing needs, Akins Plumbing is the way to go. If you’re unsure on what’s going on with your gas hot water system, give us a call and one of our gas repairs Brisbane team members will investigate for you.

Akins Plumbing provides a range of quality gas plumbing services in Brisbane and surrounding areas for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

It can be hard locating a reliable and local plumber with all the correct qualifications and a reputable background. With 40+ years of industry experience, Akins has the dedicated Brisbane gas fitter and gas plumber team that simply won’t find anywhere else.

Gavin Akins, as the Director and Business Owner, is also the Akins Plumbing Brisbane gas fitter that residents trust for their gas jobs. Gavin offers extensive knowledge and skills practiced over 20+ years. With a passion for customer satisfaction and getting the job done right, you can be sure to receive the right advice when it comes to your gas requirements.

For all new gas plumbing services, we can assist with the following in Brisbane:

  • Gas Hot Water System Installations and Repairs
  • Gas Appliance Installations for Cooktops and Ovens
  • Outdoor BBQ’s
  • Gas Conversions
  • Commercial Gas Works
  • Gas Compliance Testing and Certificates
  • New Homes and Renovations

Our long-standing commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices ensure we provide a long-term solution that will save you cash down the track.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

By choosing Akins Plumbing, you can feel confident knowing our emergency Brisbane gas plumber is available to reduce risk and prevent future leaks from occurring. As a fully licensed, registered, and insured company, you can rest easy knowing you have selected one of the best gas plumber Brisbane companies in the industry.


If you’re interested in knowing more about how our Brisbane gas plumbers can help, get in touch online or email us at For a free no obligations quote or to talk about our gas plumbing services, contact the friendly team at Akins Plumbing today on 07 3891 7480.

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