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Water Saving Techniques

Water Saving Techniques to Keep Your Bills Low

It’s amazing what a little effort to save water can do. Saving just a touch of water each day adds up to big savings every year. But what are the water saving techniques that will save you big on your water bill? Read on to find out.

The Water Saving Techniques with a Focus on Sustainability

Many people think about saving water as a way to lower the water bill. And that is an important and good reason to want to save water. But saving water is also about responsible living. When you save water, you are working towards a sustainable future. As a Brisbane plumber, Akins Plumbing knows a lot about water and how to conserve water. To help you save water and save money, we’ve put together this list of 6 water saving techniques.

Low-Flow Taps

A low-flow tap is an ingenious new take on the taps of old. A low-flow tap uses significantly less water than traditional taps, but if you are washing your hands or washing up it feels just the same. Low-flow taps accomplish this by mixing air into the water flow, so the volume of water is greatly reduced but the pressure is not. When people first start using low-flow taps they don’t even notice the difference, that is until they get their next water bill.

A New Washing Machine

Do you have an old washing machine? If the idea of replacing it even came up you probably thought if it isn’t broken why change it? We’ll tell you why. That old washing machine is using way too much water by modern standards. A new washing machine with a high water rating can reduce your water usage per load by as much as 50% or more. A new washing machine might even make your clothes cleaner.

A Water Efficient Toilet

Every time you flush that old toilet, it’s more than just water that goes down the drain – money for your water bill goes down the drain too. Most all toilets today are dual flush toilets, meaning you can choose to do a big flush using more water or a small flush using less. Also, all flushes use a lot less water than older toilets. When it comes to how to conserve water, a new modern toilet will go a long way in reducing your water bill.

Careful Washing Up

Do you plug the drain when washing up? Most people don’t, and a lot of water is wasted in the process. You can make more effective use of the water by plugging the drain and reusing the water that collects in the sink. If you have two sinks you can have one full of water for washing and use the other to quickly rinse each dish. Don’t have two sinks? Get a plastic tub to fill with water and put that to one side of the inside of your sink, effectively making two sinks. There are lots of ways to save water while washing up.

Efficient Showerhead

Much like the low-flow taps we mentioned earlier, a new efficient showerhead uses a lot less water than an older showerhead, but the feeling of the water pressure being provided is the same. It works just like the low-flow taps, in that air is mixed in with the water. But an efficient showerhead will not only save you money on your water bill, it will also save you on your energy bill because less water needs to be heated for each shower.

Get a New Dishwasher

A lot of the advice on this list is based on the idea of out with the old and in with the new. There’s good reason for that, as newer is often better. The dishwasher is no exception to this. A new dishwasher uses much less water than dishwashers made twenty years ago. This is due to more efficient use of the water the dishwasher uses and because of advances in dishwashing detergents. The dishes get cleaner and you end up saving water.

Have your home checked for leaks

Is your water bill higher than you expect it to be? You could have a water leak and not even know it. The leak could be underground or in a place that you would never think to look. Having your home professionally checked for leaks by a trusted plumber is sometimes the only way to find out what is causing your high water bill. Not only will plugging those leaks save you money, but it is also good for the environment to not waste water.

Saving Water for a Sustainable Future

So much has changed in the way society thinks. There used to be a lot less focus on saving water. But now sustainability is seen as very important. Akins Plumbing is your sustainable plumber. We’ll help you achieve your goals of saving water and helping the environment. If you are considering any of these water saving techniques and need help with installation, get in touch with us. Please call us on (07) 3891 7480, or contact us online. Feel free to also e-mail for quote and service requests or for general enquiries.

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