Blocked Drains in Brisbane

With over 40 years’ experience in providing quality, long-term drainage solutions in Brisbane.

Do you have a slow draining toilet? or stand ankle deep in shower waste water?

Blocked drains can be a health concern and should be attended to quickly.

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Akins Plumbing Are a Great Choice for Sorting Out Your Blocked Drains in Brisbane

Jet Rodder Drain Cleaning

We use a jet rodder, which uses high-pressure water to break through blockages while simultaneously cleaning the pipes.

CCTV Drain Camera

We use a high-resolution RIGID rM200 Camera System that combines portability and versatility to ensure an easy and efficient drain inspection.

Underground Service Location

Using cutting-edge equipment, our team is able to safely and easily locate and assess the size and depth of pipes to ensure no damage is caused to existing plumbing.

Stormwater & Sewer Drainage

We possess the required experience and expertise to fix or replace damaged stormwater drains or sewer pipes.

What to Expect From a Blocked Drain Service

Our high pressure water jetting service with drain camera survey is your best option when it comes to blocked drains. The water jetter at 5000 psi will blast through the obstruction while cleaning the interior of the pipe at the same time. The drain camera is then used to determine that the job has been completed to a satisfactory standard and the blockage removed.

During this step in the process, the plumber will survey the pipe for defects in the plumbing system. The drain locator can assist the plumber in plotting the exact location and depth of any broken pipes. If repairs are required, we will consult with you to offer a permanent solution with our free quoting service.

Akins Plumbing offer services for Sewer and Stormwater repairs and replacement.  Our plumbing and drainage history dates back to 1976.  Gavin, owner and lead plumber has extensive drainage knowledge and experience. Leading his team to win the Master Plumbers Association 2018 Plumbing & Gas Domestic and Residential Technical Award. This was for his planning and execution of a combined sewer drain for a full home restoration.

Akins Plumbing Are Your One-stop Solution for:

To avoid a blocked drain in your home or business, we suggest preventative maintenance. This includes scheduled drain cleaning for your sewer and stormwater pipes. We provide drain cleaning services to domestic, commercial and industrial properties in Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich.

Trusted Plumbers for Blocked Drains

A camera looking down into a hole with a pipe | Featured image on Blocked Drains in Brisbane.
A person cleaning out a blocked drain outside | Featured image on Blocked Drains in Brisbane.

Akins Plumbing is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Blocked Drains Brisbane & Surrounding Areas

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