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Why You Need A Professional Gas Fitter

Most homes in Brisbane run on natural gas and propane. While these gasses are efficient for home use, if not handled properly, they can be dangerous. When dealing with leaking gas, or any gas issues, time is of the essence. Leaking gas can quickly turn tragic. This is why it is important that you seek the services of a professional gas fitter the minute something goes wrong. Our experienced gas plumber has put together seven reasons why you need a professional gas fitter.

A Professional Gas Fitter Can Help With…


1. Reducting the risk of a gas fire, and explosion

Gas pipes, if not installed correctly, pose more danger than water pipes. Gas is extremely flammable, meaning even the smallest mistake when installing can cause a severe fire and even explosions. Doing gas installations on your own is not worth putting your family and neighbor’s lives at risk.

To prevent this from happening, we highly recommend that you seek the services of a professional gas fitter for all your gas projects around your home. Some of the projects that require an experienced gas plumber include running gas lines for;
• HVAC systems / Furnace
• Water heater
• Hot tubs
• Clothes dryers
• Stoves
• Fireplaces
• Outdoor grills
• Gas leak repairs
• Among others.
An experienced gas plumber has the training, certification, and expertise to ensure all your gas projects are done to perfection. They will make the right installations, upgrades, and repairs ensuring your system lasts longer with minimal issues.

2. Delivering permanent solutions

Hiring a professional gas plumber ensures the job is done well the first time. A professional plumber never looks for quick-fix solutions to gas plumbing issues. Instead, they make sure to provide the best solution possible for the issue that will last years. Also, thanks to their extensive training and skills acquired over the years, they know how to provide permanent fixes to problems. They utilize their in-depth knowledge and understanding of their job to deliver permanent results.

3. Proper installation

When you hire a professional gas fitter, you make certain there is no chance of guesswork. Since these professionals have years of experience in the task, they ensure all your natural gas-powered appliances are installed correctly to operate safely. An experienced gas plumber is also aware of local safety requirements to do the job in the right manner and according to the laws set in place.

4. Trade skills and knowledge

Just like a web developer knows everything about website development and a mechanic knows everything about cars, plumbers are well versed in their line of work too. Most of the time, a professional and experienced plumber can diagnose an issue even without looking at it. They also have the know-how of how to quickly rectify these issues quickly and cost-effectively.

5. Providing multiple services

Since a professional gas fitter is fully trained and certified, they are capable of performing multiple tasks. Hence, when you hire a professional, they may not only be experienced at handling gas plumbing issues alone but also carrying out other important plumbing tasks like unclogging the drain, repairing wear leaks among other tasks.

6. Complying with building codes

When fixing gas, there are certain building codes that must be complied with. An experienced gas plumber is familiar with all these codes. When you hire an unqualified person or do it yourself, you risk getting fines and penalties if something goes wrong, which is quite expensive. Also, if you happen to file an insurance claim, it may be rejected if your gas plumbing was done unprofessionally. So make sure all your gas plumbing installations, repairs, and maintenance are done only by a professional.

7. Ensuring safety

When you hire a professional gas fitter, you will receive the best services and advice. Since gas leaks can be fatal, it is crucial that you hire a person that is fully trained and certified to ensure the job is done perfectly Hiring an unprofessional for this job will only set you up for problems in the near future. It will also cost you a lot of money in case of a fire and the property is damaged. Hence, make sure to work with a professional to avert such issues.

If you are looking for a gas plumber you can trust to deliver quality, lasting service, Akins Plumbing has the professional experience to help you! As local Brisbane plumbers, we are dedicated to keeping the neighbourhood safe. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we offer exceptional, natural gas piping and plumbing service. For all your gas repair and installation needs, contact us today by calling (07) 3891 7480 or get in touch online!

Updated 18/06/2021

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