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What To Do When Your Pipes Are Leaking

Water leaks are a big nuisance and can cost you a lot of money if not detected and fixed early. Most leaks are as a result of cracked pipes or blocked drains Brisbane South. Leaks, especially those that are hidden can waste thousands of litres of water each day. Most of them go unnoticed until you get a bigger water bill or after your property suffers significant water damage. Whether you have water gushing out uncontrollably or merely dripping relentlessly from a pipe, you need to figure out a solution to solve the problem before you call in a plumber.

Emergency? Try These Steps

Remember that all leaks in your property are your responsibility to investigate and repair. If your pipes are leaking, you are highly advised to contact a licensed plumber to examine the problem as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to help stop the leakage temporarily before the plumber arrives:

Turn off the main water valve before the plumbing companies arrive

The main water valve is usually located where the water meter is placed. No matter how small the leak is, you need to make sure the main water valve is turned off before you start your repair. After turning it off, turn on the faucet to drain out the water left in the damaged pipe. This will help stop the leakage, for the time being, allowing you to work on it.

Dry the outside of the damaged pipe

Once the dripping stops, use an absorbent piece of cloth to dry the outside of the damaged pipe to remove all surface corrosion.

Have the right materials at hand

The most essential item for fixing pipe leaks is a hose clamp. These clamps can easily be found in any hardware or home improvement store. You might also need rubber sheets, epoxy, pipe wraps, pipe repair tape, and sandpaper.

Seal the damaged pipe with pipe wraps or Epoxy

You can do this by sticking the epoxy against the broken area and then letting it harden. Pipe repair tape and pipe wrap also work in the same way. However, you may need to sand the area around the leak to smoothen it, especially if the pipe is rusty or corroded. After that, follow the instructions provided in the pipe wraps or epoxy package to fix the leak.

Strengthen the fix using rubber and clamps

You will need to wait at least 1 hour before applying this step. Once your epoxy is dry, it is highly recommended that you seal the area with rubber and pipe clamps. Cut off the strip or rubber and then wrap it around the space you have just sealed with the tape or epoxy. Once you have sealed it, place the clamp over the rubber to tighten it.

Now, you can turn on your water. Note that this is only a temporary repair and should hold the leak a while before professional plumbing companies come in.

When dealing with minor drips and blocked drains Brisbane South, being prepared can help prevent the leak from turning into a disaster. Knowing what to do to manage the situation before a professional plumber can save the day. This leaky pipe fix is only meant to hold the leakage temporarily, but not to take the place of a professional pipe repairer.

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