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How To Service Your Dishwasher


We do not want you breaking your machine or causing damage to your home. This article is a only a handyman’s guide, outlining some handy maintenance tips. If you are not confident in doing any of these tasks yourself, please give us a call on (07) 3891 7480.

First Basic Task

Check all the moving components that may weaken with age; for example the doors, spray arms and hoses for any early signs of rust and stress.

Give The Dishwasher A Wash

Each six month period (or sooner if your machine really gets a workout) use a good quality dishwasher cleanup product. If you are all about the environment like we are also, try using a cup of white vinegar into the empty machine, unless the manufacturer advises against it, and run a wash cycle. Finally clean the door edges and seals with detergent, checking they’re in good shape.

Clear Blocked Spray Holes

Over time and heavy usage these spray holes may get clogged by food and mineral deposits. Take away the racks, then unwind the screws that hold the
spray tower or cap arm in position. Remove the arm, clean out the holes with a clip or something small like that, and then scrub with white vinegar (nail brush perfect).

Clean The Filter

You can find most filters in the base of the dishwasher. Typically the need to do this relies on how much of a workout your dishwasher gets. How well you wash/rinse things beforehand can also cut down the filter cleaning frequency. Wash the filter underneath running water, clean it with detergent resolution and rinse completely before refitting it within the machine. Good plumbing services are available from Akins if you have any trouble this part of the process.

Replace Hoses

It is a good idea to replace hoses before they break for obvious reasons. A leaking dishwasher can cause a range of damage to your home or office. If your unit includes a commonplace strengthened rubber water hose, replace it each 2 years or upgrade to a stainless-steel hose. Unless the new hose has metal fittings, it just has to be hand tightened to be connected.

If Water Will Not Drain

If your dishwasher will not drain then the filter or filters could also be blocked. If cleaning up the filters doesn’t fix it, explore for a blockage within the drain hose. Pull out the machine, disconnect the hose and certify it’s clear. If water continues to pool, the drain pump motor most likely needs replacing. If this is the case you will need to use professional plumbing services to get the problem fixed properly. We have qualified plumbers in Brisbane on hand to help 6 days a week.

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