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Different Types of Toilets for Your Home

The bathroom and toilet are one of the most important rooms in any home, and the way it functions plays a major role in your everyday life. There are a number of problems that can come from a toilet that doesn’t operate the way it should, such as frequent clogs, plumbing issues, build-up, and more. If you’re wanting to know about the different types of toilets to invest in for your home, there are so many to choose from.

If you’re wanting a list of the best toilets to decide from for your home, whether you’re upgrading your bathroom or moving into a new space, we’ve compiled a helpful selection. From here, you should be able to do further research to determine which toilet is going to suit your home and your family.

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Best Toilets to Choose From for Your Home

Smart Toilets

As we move further into a digital world and come out of an era full of pandemic restrictions, smart toilets have never been more of an optimal choice. Never touch the handle of a toilet again and keep your hands cleaner than usual thanks to their motion sensors for flushing. Not only are they great for a touchless operation, but they’re more efficient when it comes to saving water, as they hold back on any excessive flushing and offer built-in water level monitoring.

Bidet Style Toilets

One of the best toilets on the market, and that are quickly becoming a favourite across the modern world, are bidets. Much like the smart toilet, a bidet is more of an environmentally friendly solution for your bathroom (and the environment in general). Not only that, but they offer a completely more hygienic experience than any general toilet ever could. How? Because you’re reducing the need for toilet paper use, and they limit your germ spread. A bidet-style toilet also reduces your risk of plumbing issues because of the reduced use of toilet paper, which ensures your bathroom system stays well-working and effective for longer.

Wall Hung Toilets

The best thing about wall hung toilets is their ability to save so much space in any bathroom. Whether you’re wanting a simplistic approach, or you genuinely need something less bulky, these are the perfect solution. Thanks to their lack of surface space, it also means that there is less room for germs and/or dust to accumulate, equalling a hygienic toilet upgrade for your bathroom. Although they are known for being quite a heavy option as well, they’re more durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically appealing.

Eco-Friendly Toilets

Toilets are widely known for using so much water, to the point they account for around 1/3 of a households water usage. Not only are toilets a main culprit for water waste, but the use of toilet paper also plays such a major role on the environment e.g. deforestation and habitat loss, carbon emissions, single-use with no potential for reuse, water pollution and so much more. Eco-friendly toilets work much the same on the outside, but a little differently on the inside. They use a low-flow, saving you water and money, and a single flush (or dual flush with less pressure). There are so many different types of toilets on the market, including composting toilets, but those need a little more research to understand.

If you’re researching different types of toilets in hopes of finding something suitable, cost-effective, and sustainable for your home, we hope this blog helped in some way. There is an array of toilets available and sometimes, knowing what to invest your money in, can become overwhelming. At Akins Plumbing, we have extensive experience with bathroom and toilet installations, and are here to assist in making the process easy. Simply give us a call today to start discussing your ideas for your new toilet or bathroom!

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