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Benefits of Hiring a Plumber for Small Kitchen Renovations

Licensed Plumbers Are A Must

With the easy access to do-it-yourself YouTube videos and Pinterest tutorials, it makes you feel proficient and effective. It makes you feel like you’ve built or repaired something all by yourself. There are many DIY books and online tutorial videos on giving your home a lift. Some of the bathroom and kitchen renovation before and after shots out there are breath taking. But when it comes to plumbing in your kitchen renovations or bathroom renovations, you’re going to need a hand. That hand could come in the form of a licensed plumber. One who is licensed to construct, install, maintain and carry out plumbing services, both external and internal. This week our team looks at some of the benefits of hiring a plumber for small kitchen renovations.

Benefits of Hiring a Plumber and why it is important with regard to plumbing law and order

Water Departments in many countries state that a person must not construct, install, alter, or remove or carry out specified plumbing, unless the department provides written permission for it. The written permission can only be given by the authority or on the application of a licensed plumber. It is also considered illegal in many countries for anyone except a designated person to carry out specific plumbing works at home, as it can lead to a dangerous situation. So, if you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the law, it is advisable to get a plumber to do the job. Kitchen renovation ideas can get a little crazy at times to say the least. So it pays to have professional executing the big dreams into reality.

From Dysfunctional to Functional – Economic Time Management

Hiring a plumber will mean a lot less work for you. You might have to purchase a lot of tools and equipment for your DIY project that you may never use again. You might have to take out hours and days from your busy schedule. First to figure it all out, and then maybe again to fix it up. If you are inexperienced, the possibility of leaving out important fixtures is much higher. Kitchen renovation on a budget is very possible, without appearing like you cut corners.

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Plumbers, by the virtue of being licensed, know their jobs pretty well. They are familiar with the building codes of the area, health and safety and getting the job done. This is always better than having an unlicensed plumber or your DIY projects, risking the quality of the water.

Environment Friendly and Safe

Hiring an unlicensed plumber or doing the job yourself, may seem like a pocket-friendly option sometimes. But it might not be worth risking health hazards. Qualified tradesmen guarantee a certain amount of workmanship in their jobs that the handyman struggles with.


In case of anything going south, licensed plumbers are held accountable by the water authority of the state, for their services. In the case of an unlicensed plumber, they are not insured or held accountable to any standards. There are a myriad of unlicensed plumbers and impressive videos we can watch online. But the truth is that only a skilled licensed professional plumber can provide the required services in a compliant and legal manner. If it is for a renovation project or to even fix a leaking tap, remember, a licensed plumber must be your first go-to and your only choice.

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