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Seasonal changes can cause your plumbing system to have some problems. Especially if you did not take any preventative measures before the start of the season. Your hoses and pipes may be faulty, causing them to leak and your drains may become clogged. But before these problems escalate, we highly recommend that you get your plumbing system checked by a professional plumber Brisbane city in preparation for the warm months ahead.

Here are a few plumbing tips that can help you save some dollars:

Ensure your taps are not dripping

This is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to water wastage. Do not ignore that dripping sound from your sinks. It is the sound of extra dollars you are spending on wasted water. To curb this, make sure that all your taps indoors and outdoors are not leaking. If you find one of your taps is leaking, consider contacting a reputable plumbing company in Brisbane to help fix the problem.

Clean gutters and worn downpipes

Leave remnants, pine needles, and other debris can cause havoc to your gutters, especially in autumn. Clear out your gutters and downpipes with a plumber’s auger to ensure they are working properly. This will help prevent flooding and water damage during spring and summer pours. In the case of rust you may require a new guttering system. Enquire today.

Test your toilets for leaks

Leaking toilets are another common culprit for losing water. One way to determine this is by adding some food colouring into the tank. This way, if the colour appears in the bowl after half an hour without flashing, you are losing water. Another way to test is to add it directly to the reservoir and then flush. If colouring appears around the base of the toilet, your seals may be failing. Call the experts at Akins Plumbing for a quick and affordable solution. We will find the cause of your leaking toilet and fix it to save you money on your monthly water bill.

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Sump pump testing

Make sure that your sump pump is in excellent working condition. With spring showers, the soils become too saturated. Without a properly working sump pump, water will be finding ways into your home. Having your sump pump tested by professionals can help save thousands in water damage and restoration.

Check if your drains are emptying faster than before

Most people use their sinks, showers, and bathtubs on a daily basis. But very few take notice of any change in how fast or slow the water drains. If you do notice a change, we highly recommend that you tackle the issue as soon as possible before the drains become clogged. There are many DIY ways to ensure your drains remain unclogged. However, if you feel the problem might be bigger than DIY, contact Akins Plumbing for a professional check-up and repair.

If you need any more tips on any of these issues, call family owned and operated Akins Plumbing. Plumber Brisbane city experts for over 40 years. Phone (07) 3891 7480 today.