Code of Practice

Code of Practice

Honesty and integrity
Employees should observe the strictest practices of honest and integrity for the conduct code.

Employees should not wilfully disobey or disregard any lawful order or instruction given by a person having the authority to do so. Employees are not to act beyond the authority of their role.

Our clients have a right to expect that our Company is an organisation of integrity and competence, treating all stakeholders fairly, reasonably and equitably.

Public disclosure
Employees may disclose official information that is normally given to members of the public seeking information. Contents of official documents or privileged knowledge may only be released by employees with the authority to do so.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Employees are to protect the private information of clients and other employees, including details of financial circumstances as per the Privacy Act.
Private and confidential information must be stored and managed to the required high standards.

Continuous Improvement
Innovation and change are constant features in the workplace, thus employees are required to keep up to date with changes and developments by maintaining professional knowledge and skills.

Underlying Principles of Behaviour
This Code of Conduct provides all employees, contractors, casuals, consultants and others employed by the Company in any other capacity, with a framework for their behaviour, attitude and/or actions.

Professional Behaviour
* Apply yourself to your work with diligence, care and attention.
* Comply with any relevant legislative, industrial or administrative requirements.
* Respect the roles and responsibilities of others working in the organisation.
* Act in a manner that is consistent with the values of the organisation.
* Act honestly, with integrity, compassion and without bias.
* Actively work towards your own professional development.
* Ensure that you are not under the influence of alcohol and/or illicit drugs whilst performing your duties.
* Provide advice, make decisions and take action in an appropriate and timely manner, based on all available relevant information.

Respect for all Persons
* Treat clients, colleagues and members of the public with courtesy, honesty, respect and dignity.
* Respect the ethical and legal rights of employees and clients, including their right to make their own decisions and to participate actively in any plans made on their behalf.

Duty of Care
All employees and others employed by the Company have a “Duty of Care” towards all who interact within and on the property of the Company.

Company Policies and Procedures
Employees must comply with all appropriate the company Policies and Procedures at all times. Employees should take the time to familiarise themselves with the Policies and Procedures of the organisation, as “ignorance” of the Policies and Procedures is not a defence.

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