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While there are many issues that may crop up regarding your plumbing, nothing can be nastier than a clogged sewer line. Other than hefty repairs; a clogged sewer line exposes your household to contaminated water, which can pose serious health risks. A clogged sewer line may be a result of debris, too much volume, tree roots growing into your line or inappropriate items being flushed down the toilet.

Unfortunately, a clogged sewer line is an issue that most homeowners may not be able to successfully solve. In such a case, the services of a professional plumber in Salisbury are highly recommended.

Keep A Look Out For These Signs

Multiple Water Back Ups 

The first and most common sign of a clogged sewer ine is multiple water backups in various fittings in the home. A home’s sewage system is set up like a tree. The main sewer has several drain lines that come from various water appliances, but all feed the main line. Therefore, if the main sewer line is clogged, water draining from the multiple smaller branch lines will back up. This is because they have nowhere to go. If the clog is in a smaller branch line, the problem will be isolated in one appliance. Since overflowing water looks for the lowest points first, the water fixtures under your home are usually the first to overflow.

Your sewer lines are clogged if you see the following;

• Run your washing machine and check for overflow in your toilet or bathroom drain
• Flush your toilet and check to see if water comes up your shower drain or tub
• Turn on the sink in your bathroom and watch to see if toilet water bubbles or rises up

Call A Plumber In Salisbury If You See These

Multiple Clogged Drains

The occasional clogged sink or slow drain is usually an isolated issue. If this occurs, all you need to do is clear the drain and your tap will be working properly again. However, if you realise that many drains and toilets in your household are not draining well? This could be a sign that your sewer line is clogged. This is a big problem that requires the services of a professional plumber in Salisbury you can trust.

Water in Your Sewer Clean Out

The sewer clean out is symbolised by a concrete lid or a circular plastic labeled “Clean Out”. The clean out is usually located in the crawlspace, basement, or just outside your house. (see pic below). Check to see if the clean out has any water by removing the cap. If water flows out of the sewer pipe or stands in the pipe, this may be a sign that your sewer line is clogged.

Strong Sewer Smell

If the smell of sewer slowly begins to waft into your home, there is a high likelihood that there is an issue with your sewer line. Chances are that your main sewer line is backed up and starting to leak into your house.

Plumber In Salisbury | What To Do Now

The first thing you should do after determining that your sewer line is clogged is to shut off the main water supply. This is to help prevent excess water or sewage from flooding your home. After that, contact Akins Plumbing, a reputable plumbing company in Salisbury. At Akins Plumbing, we have been inspecting, repairing and eliminating clogs in sewer lines for over 40 years.

We provide non-invasive, high-tech and effective plumbing services. We will have your sewer line back in service in no time. Our highly trained and licensed plumbers use a fibre optic camera. This helps us determine what is causing the clog and the best way to take care of it. We may use a drain auger or water jetting technology to clear the clog.

Leaving a clogged sewer line or blocked drain unattended can damage your plumbing system. This can lead to costly repairs as well as pose serious health risks to your household. If you notice any of the signs outlined above, contact Akin’s Plumbing immediately.